Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon

2019 presentation by Alison Mcdowell on the coming global surveillance state. How International Big Business (Corporatism) is exploiting Bio-security and commodifying human beings in a world of “inclusive” Stakeholder Capitalism (A.K.A. Poverty management). This is the rollout of the “4th industrial revolution” and “Great Reset” It goes beyond the popularized scheme of the W.E.F. , this is huge,international in scope. This is the plan of digital slavery of the human race.

Big Brother Inc.

Privacy International

A global investigation into the international trade in surveillance technologies

The global surveillance industry is estimated at $5 billion a year. The capabilities of surveillance technology have grown hugely in the past decade – in the hands of a repressive regime, this equipment eradicates free speech, quashes dissent and places dissidents at the mercy of ruling powers as effectively as guns and bombs, if not more so.

Today, surveillance technology ranges from malware which infects a target computer to record every keystroke, to systems for tapping undersea fibre-optic cables in order to monitor the communications of entire populations. In countries where detention without trial, torture and extra-judicial killings are commonplace, these technologies imperil the lives of every activist and dissident.