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Pre Crime software moves one step closer to reality

August 6, 2012

by Nicholas West The era of Big Data is upon us. Major corporations in the areas of advertising, social media, defense contracting, and computing are forming partnerships with government agencies to compile virtual dossiers on all humans. This data integration initiative is taking place across the board in our largest federal agencies and departments as […]

The Crime you have not “yet” comitted. Pre-Crime Tech on the rise

March 13, 2016

Pre-Crime once belonging to the real of Science Fiction, is becoming a very real tool in our current Surveillance society. Althought it may be justified as profiling criminals and not ordinary citizens, the Author of this article seems to be ignorant of the slide towards a Police state here in the U.S. You might think […]

Pre-Crime’ Facial Recognition Rolling Out Across The UK

February 17, 2016

* The U.K. and especially London have been the testing grounds for a complete Surveillance/Spying, Big Brother type of State. And since it’s been a succes there, it’s not long until it is implemented here in the U.S. *

Global Police, Precrime and the War on Domestic ‘Extremists’

November 8, 2015

Are you afraid that the government is plotting to confiscate your firearms? Do you display an unusual number of political and/or ideological bumper stickers on your car? Do you believe the economy is about to collapse and the government will soon declare martial law? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you […]

D.H.S. pre-crime expands the Surveillance State

October 12, 2015

An internal U.S. Department of Homeland Security document indicates that a controversial program designed to predict whether a person will commit a crime is already being tested on some members of the public. The latest developments, which reveal efforts to “collect, process, or retain information on” members of “the public,” came to light through an […]

Police Pre-Crime Algorithm Uses Social Media Posts Against You in Real-Time

December 24, 2014

Germany’s New Pre-Crime System Directly Modeled After “Minority Report”

December 24, 2014

The pace of technological advancement is quickening to the point where the gap between science fiction and reality is being greatly reduced. Philip K. Dick explored the concept of pre-crime in his short story “The Minority Report” in 1956, but it wasn’t until Steven Spielberg offered it on the big screen as Minority Report in […]

Suspicious Canada Shooting Triggers ‘Minority Report’ Pre-Crime Plans for ‘Preventive Arrests

November 9, 2014

On Wednesday October 22nd, just two days after a “radicalized” man ran over two Canadian soldiers in a mall parking lot, a gunmen opened fire at Canada’s National War Memorial and at Parliament Hill, killing one soldier and wounding a security guard. He was later killed by an armed guard. Within less than two days, […]

Stress-detecting cameras used for pre-crime identification

August 25, 2014

A team of electronic engineers is developing tiny surveillance cameras that pick up stress signals in people. They speculate the design could be used to spot anxious would-be criminals in airports and other high-target areas.the system — which picks up levels of blood oxygenation — will find out where anxiety is bubbling under the surface. […]

Nothing Says ‘Free Society’ Like Secret Gov’t Pre-Crime Watch Lists

July 29, 2014