21st Century Law Enforcement: High Tech Spies

SAN DIEGO, CA — An upcoming anti-terrorism summit, hosted by HALO CORP, will teach police how to remotely track down iPhones and hack into them. They will host a “scavenger hunt” to practice finding citizens’ iPhones using tracking technology. They will practice retrieving your passwords, video feeds, audio feeds, and GPS coordinates. Its all listed verbatim in the course description.

Most of the cops that attend these law enforcment conferences are paid to attend, or at least their expenses are paid and or re-imbursed by their respective departments or districts. So looking through the courses in this conference I could’nt help but notice courses on “counter-insurgency”, and Psychological operations, as well as high tech snooping and invasion of citizens privacy. And so indirectly you the citizen, your “tax dollars” that go to funding the police, are being used to track, monitor, and train cops to keep the populce in check.

Conference page Here

Source: Police State U.S.A Land of the Checkpoints


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