The scale of Phobos

The name of Phobos, the largest moon of Mars, means ‘fear’.

And that title certainly seems appropriate when you look at this sinister image, which shows the moon superimposed over the French city of Grenoble.The chilling picture serves as a reminder of the massive scale of the solar system, even when compared to major terrestrial landmarks.

The innovative project, designed to show the scale of the Red Planet and its satellites, is the brainchild of graphic artist Ludovic Celle.Despite the fact that Phobos is relatively close to earth, much about it remains a mystery to astronomers.The body is highly unusual, being oddly shaped and covered in huge craters.
Phobos has been spoken of as one possible target for a manned mission to Mars, as landing on the moon would be simpler than landing on the planet itself.

Daily Mail Article

I find this story interesting in the light of previous revelations and happenings surrounding Phobos, such as the Europen Space agency noting that Phobos is 1/3 hollow, and possibly artificial.

Oh and there was the still mysterious failure of the planned Russian/Chinese Phobos Grunt mission.

And let’s not forget America’s favorite spaceman “Buzz” Aldrin revealing that there is an artificial Monolith on Phobos ( A La: 2001 a space odessy). And it’s strangely coincident that Arthur C Clarcke had another story of Alien contact with a Hollow space ship, and the manned mission originates from Phobos…Hmmmm?


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