Watch out for Terrorists….IN SPAAACCCEEE!

Oh boy here’s another reason for you to give up your freedoms, Now the terrorists will be sending bombs into space, (as if) they had the capability to launch anything into the atmosphere. Nevermind the fact that they cant even get a bomb to go off on a plane, without Government complicity
As is the case
Here. So when the power goes out (most likely due to an electromagnetic storm) from Solar flares, Cower in fear because it’s the “terrorists”. What ‘s next? They’re building a Deathstar? Pssh wouldn’t surprise me if we heard that next.

Rogue states and terror groups could launch nuclear attacks in space to cripple Britain’s electronic networks and jeopardise national security, a report warns today.

Weapons detonated up to 500 miles above the Earth would generate a massive electromagnetic pulse, knocking out satellites, radar and the National Grid with ‘devastating’ results.

Key military installations, transport systems, power and water supplies would be hit, wreaking havoc, claims the Commons Defence Select Committee.

Similarly, severe weather in space caused by explosions on the Sun’s surface could create electrical currents which would destroy crucial power networks.

Both scenarios would pose a ‘significant risk’ to national security, warns the alarming report.

A blackout across large parts of the country would raise the prospect of the collapse of the national infrastructure, financial meltdown and a breakdown of civil order, with emergency services struggling to cope.

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3 Responses to “Watch out for Terrorists….IN SPAAACCCEEE!”

  1. I like the way ur mind works …

    awesome ..

  2. “…..They’re building a Deathstar? Pssh wouldn’t surprise me if we heard that next.”

    boy i almost slipped off my chair … 🙂

  3. Hmm, this is very interesting. Haha, I’m glad I saw this before it was too late. Would an EMP knock out my lightsaber?

    Thanks for the read

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